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The innovating guys from the Spanish startup Hola Plate just told us some amazing news. They were part of the 2017 Growth Train team and afterwards they really took off in accelerating their business.

This month the Spanish Company received a shipment of 3000 porcelain oil absorbing plates ready to ship to health focused customers around the world.

“We are really grateful for being a part of the Danish accelerator. The education we received at Growth Train was just top class. The mentors and managing director Eythor Ivar Jonsson where just amazing” says CEO at Hola Plate Taig Mac Carthy.

Rethinking healthy living
You may ask yourself “what is an oil absorbing plate?” It’s a plate which let the excess oil and grease from your food run down BELOW your food on the plate making your fat intake considerably less. The guys at Hola Plate have been rethinking the whole concept of healthier food by saying “Don’t change your food. Change your plate”. The concept and the plate was on its first stages when the Spanish startup joined the seven week bootcamp at Growth in October 2017 in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark.

Window to the world
“Nykøbing Falster became our window to the whole world. We met mentors, customers and potential business partners from all over the world during our stay. This really helped us shape our business strategy. During our stay we totally re-branded the startup so it could work across cultures. Also we enjoyed the influence and inspiration of Danish design and we feel privileged for being the first Spanish company to get accepted into the Growth Train accelerator”, says Product Developer Ander Mendez.

“Hola Plate is a real good example of what will happen when you put several startup from around the world together to join a very compressed educational and inspirational program with some of the best and most experiences mentors and industry specialist. They start to dismantle the whole concept of their business and then they put it back together in a much stronger composition”, says Eythor Ivar Jonsson, managing director of Growth Train.

As an entrepreneur you risk too much action and too little thinking. The classes and workshops on Growth Train raised the right questions for the guys at Hola Plate forcing them to formulate solid replies about their concept. Now it’s time for them to ask the question: “will you change your plate?”

Calling out to the world
“Growth Train is all about changing the perspective”, says Mikkel Wesselhoff, CEO of local Danish business organization Business Lolland-Falster. The organization facilitates and finances the accelerator in cooperation with the Danish municipality Guldborgsund. “We want to strengthen our local startup environment and as a strong food production and agricultural region in Europe we want to reach out to startups within the food and health industry. One way to do so is inviting entrepreneurs from around the world to join us in Nykøbing Falster to accelerate their businesses”, says the CEO.

Calling out to the world
Right now Growth Train is open for application for the 2018-program starting September. It’s free and takes no equity in the participating startups. Learn more here at the homepage or go to the application site right away.

Watch the short video interview with Taig Mac Carthy from the final day at Growth Train December 2017.