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Business support organization, Business Lolland-Falster, partners with Hong Kong-based investment company JBI Equity to attract and develop growth-oriented startups in the food and agritech sector.
The goal is to create a global player in the development and scaling of companies within a rapidly growing sector.

Position of strength
“Global trends tell us that there has never been a better time to invest in food production and related technologies than now. Lolland-Falster has a strong and internationally competitive primary production and highly specialized agro-industry, so it is only natural for us to take part in a binding partnership with a globally-oriented investment company in order to obtain a lead role,” according to Steffen Lund, Business Manager for Agriculture and Food in Business Lolland-Falster.

The new partner also sees an exciting and new potential in the collaboration.

“As an investment company, we will have influence on which growth companies are given the opportunity to participate in an intensive accelerator program in order for them to mature as a business and primed to pitch to a serious investor panel.”

Higher ambitions
The collaboration specifically revolves around the seven-week accelerator program under the name Growth Train, which Business Lolland-Falster has operated since 2017. Since Growth Train’s conception, over 200 startups from around the world have been vetted for 15 spots in two accelerator rounds. “The demand has given rise to the need to set the bar even higher,” says Steffen Lund.

“We have gained confidence after our first learnings with Growth Train. Now we have chosen to raise the bar and become even more selective with our applicants. This is where JBI Equity comes into the picture. Via their network, JBI Equity can deliver strong potential candidates for Growth Train and provide highly skilled professionals who can contribute to Growth Train’s already strong team of mentors and advisors. And finally, JBI Equity can open doors to an investor community which we previously have not had access to.”

Global growth
JBI Equity consists of people with experience in traditional agricultural and food production, as well as experience and insight into the sector’s growing opportunities, which many companies in the industry paradoxically have not yet acted on.

“The growing world population means increased demand for food, as well as improved quality and protein production. Traditionally, agriculture has been a backward sector for new developments in new markets, but there is quite a significant potential for investment in the sector, including the new opportunities in communication, technology transfer and product exchange,” says Kristian Bennetsen, Managing Partner & Director at JBI Equity.

Growth Train Accelerator focuses on companies within food and agritech in relation to cultivation, breeding, production, logistics and processes.

Growth Train Accelerator Program
Located on Lolland-Falster, Growth Train is a seven-week accelerator program that focuses on the business development of food and agritech startups using documented development tools and international mentors and advisors. Participants come from all over the world and have extraordinary potential and ambition for global success.

JBI Equity
JBI Equity is an investment company that focuses exclusively on food and agribusiness investments. The company has extensive technical, operational and commercial experience in this sector and is affiliated with an advisory board of reputed industry experts from around the world. The company collaborates with several universities such as the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and with the biotech company, Roslin Technologies. The biotech company brings research projects from the university’s Animal Research Institute, The Roslin Institute, to the commercial market. The Roslin Institute is known for having cloned Dolly the sheep. JBI Equity has offices in Hong Kong and subdivisions in the UK and Denmark.

Kristian Bennetsen
Managing Partner & Director
JBI Equity
Mob: +45 31 58 79 13

Business Lolland-Falster
Business Lolland-Falster is the business support organization for Lolland-Falster that aims at strengthening local businesses and attracting new businesses.

Steffen Lund
Business Director, Food and Agriculture
Business Lolland-Falster
Mob: +45 53 100 464