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Where To Find Us

We are based in Lolland-Falster in the southern islands of Denmark, centered in the crossroads on northern Europe. Your reach goes from our region to Copenhagen to the rest of Scandinavia, as well as Hamburg and the rest of Europe

Our Work

Our programs are carefully curated to each individual participating startup to ensure a value-creating environment for the the most innovative startups and founders.

Participants receive access to a creative work space, world-class mentors, partnerships with local and global organizations and investment opportunities. Participants are introduced to relevant industry partners, business angels and venture capital funds.

Focus On Growth

Growth Train is a unique accelerator that focuses on high-growth startups primarily within food and agritech but also caters to all industries. The accelerator is anchored by Business Lolland-Falster and our corporate partners.

Our focus is not just to find investors but to ensure that startups and companies that go on a journey with us are robust when they enter a market and pitch to investors.

Our primary goal is growth and sustainable business.

Meet The Team

Freja Hoffmann

Freja Hoffmann

Program Facilitator

Growth Train Christiane Paaske-Sørensen

Christiane Paaske-Sørensen

Program Manager


Nicolaj Sand

Program Facilitator

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