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Fast Track Cohort 2020

Growth Train Accelerator - Fast Track Program

We are happy to WELCOME the cohort of promising entrepreneurs,
startups, partners and collaborators
who aim to challenge and be challengedin this year’s
FAST TRACK program!


October 26 will see the kickoff of this year’s intensive 7-week program where participating startups are housed on-campus with intense mentor sparring, workshops and network meetings – all aimed at helping them achieve a specific set of goals.

The overarching theme among this year’s cohort is environmental and health sustainability. Their products or services all touch up on delivering a business model that also has the environment at the forefront.


This is the future of business development.




Nature Foods is a food and beverage production company founded in 2017 by German Prof. Dr. rer. medic. Markus Masin, located in Latvia. Our goal is to combine medical and scientific knowledge with technological innovation to provide the best plant-based food options for a modern and health conscious consumer.

I am Michel Wettstein, CEO of Nature Foods SIA. My background is in economics & finance, but decided in 2017 to follow my interests into the world of startups and to do an MBA in innovation & entrepreneurship. I have combined my study period with learning everything about the Baltic startup ecosystem that I was interested in. This is around time time I met Prof. Dr. Markus Masin, the founder of Nature Foods SIA, I passionately knew immediately that this will be my next journey.


“We strongly believe dairy free, plant-based food products that are grown and produced in an environmentally sustainable way are the future of the global food market.”

I wish to learn a lot about the natural ecosystems, the growers and farming side of the region. I wish for inspiring & fruitful discussions and problem solving sessions between all of the program participants. At the same time, I wish to bring my Startup to the next level and prepare it for the future and all the necessary next milestones it has to reach. I believe, including partners & stakeholders we actively can transform the food system together to a good, healthy, socially correct and sustainable future.

AGROVA (Phylazonit™) – Hungary

Agrova Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Hungary and come a long way over the past decades – from a small family business to a modern enterprise. Setting the vision of improving soil health and preserving agricultural potential for future generations as a main target, the company has developed Phylazonit™ and Myrazonit™ liquid bacteria fertilizers which are made up of natural bacterium strains, increasing humus content and soil fertility in a natural way.

Szilvia Palakovics represents Agrova during the Fast Track program. She is responsible for the company’s international corporate relations, as well as the search for distributors in foreign markets. In addition to these, she assists the work of Agrova’s existing foreign partners and resellers in their marketing and professional activities, as well as in serving their customers.


“We truly believe that this would serve not only our, but the whole planet’s interest.”

By participating in the Fast Track program, Agrova hope to gain expertise on how to become a successful company abroad, since they already have become a successful and acknowledged market leader in Hungary. Agrova is also being present in the neighboring markets and now aims to expand its business abroad. With the help of this program, besides getting better knowledge on Danish market, they wish to set up a profound and convincing business plan which enlightens both the ecological and the financial advantages of their products, thus spreading the soil friendly attitude in the agricultural sector.


Hermes Smart Control is a young company working in the IoT sector developing a solution to monitoring livestock for the whole food-chain. We have identified a weak process in livestock handling related to animal transport. We track and monitor physical and chemical transport conditions to ensure animal welfare.

The company is represented by Xavier Barra, an expert in organizational management and engineering. He comes with real-world experience as a leader and business strategist and has a sharp focus on further developing the reach and potential of the company.


“We only settle for the best, because our only and highest priority is your total satisfaction. We are like that, and we are proud of it.”

With our focus on animal welfare and sustainable transport of livestock, we hope to identify partners and customers in the Nordics via our participation in the Growth Train Fast Track program. We believe we have a product and service that resolves the primary issues in livestock monitoring and logistics.

SEATRIENTS – Sweden/The Caribbean

Seatrients is co-founded by two female entrepreneurs, both with Caribbean descent. We met during our MA for Leadership for Sustainability at Malmö University where we started to work on the idea.

“My name is Amankwa Baptiste; a Malmo University masters graduate in Leadership for Sustainability, with a postgrad in Environmental Management and Policy from Harvard University. I decided to pursue environmental management and sustainability education to fill the need for equipped minds to shift the focus of established industries to become more aware and engaged with today’s challenges.”

“My name is Krishma Jean-Baptiste. My entrepreneurial pursuit began during my secondary education as the President of a Junior Achievement mini-enterprise but my inspiration comes from my father who is a French micro-entrepeneur. I have experience in the use of animal and plant-based compounds in the sustainable production of food and biotech products. I pursued MA in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University with a focus on fostering sustainability in the life science industry. ”

Seatrients will be primarily represented by Amankwa Baptiste.

We are very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Growth Train program, and look forward to connecting and sharing with some of the region’s top business/marketing talents and innovative international participants. Through the help of Growth Train industry mentors, we would like to improve our business model into a more scalable one to reach the international market. We want to interact with the Agrifood network and look for potential opportunities to collaborate.


“Seatrients is developing plant based nutritional products using the Caribbean’s best kept secret, Sea Moss algae!”

Kora Agrilab – Spain

We are a biotech company dedicated to providing products and tools for sustainable intensification of agriculture. We orchestrate root-microbes interactions through a three-piece process, which results in a richer rhizosphere and more productive crops.

OUr VISION: Regenerative agriculture at the microscale: healthy soil microbiomes for sustainable food production.

Tristano Bachhetti de Gregoris represents Kora Agrilab at the Growth Train Fast Track program. He is a marketing and sales expert has has created and managed a team of sales representatives. Besides his success in the field of business, Tristano has co-authred of 9 scientific articles about biotech that make the use of microbial ecology.


“Healthier soil. Healthier food. Healthier planet.”

By participating in the program, we are looking to expand our field tests and confirm results in different geographic locations. We would love to access Lolland-Falster network of farmers and agritech stakeholders, with an aim to validate our products by proper field tests and by doing so open the doors to the Danish and Nordic markets.

We would also love to learn more about importing regulations in Denmark. although our preferred business strategy would be to find a local partner that would be responsible for all legal stuff, being able to evaluate the administrative effort will be valuable to us. And about finding a local distributor, it is a very common business model to collaborate with local partners and to produce for them.


We are a family-owned company from Estonia producing and marketing “ÖselBirch”​ refreshment drinks based on birch sap. Birch water is a traditional beverage in Nordic countries and its refreshing benefits for our health are long recognised.
Our speciality is fermented birch sap.

Its establishment was inspired by our beloved Grandma. Every spring, right when then snow starts to melt, she would tap the trees and collect the nutritious and tasty birch sap. In summer holidays, when the school’s out and the days are never-ending, we always went to visit her in Saaremaa (aka. Ösel), which is the biggest island in Estonia. The birch water, which was naturally fermented by the summer was then the best refreshment on a hot day at a hayfield.

Öselbirch is represented by Siiri Vene, who is a business graduate with expertise within financial analysis, risk management and business planning – which puts her at the forefront in evaluating new markets for Öselbirch.


“ÖselBirch – Made by Nature, brewed by Granny!”

Joining Growth Train will help us with our goal of growing our company and reach new European markets, and hopefully gain a wide network of partners, distributors and retailers that can join us in this journey. Not only that but also learn to tap into the Scandinavian consumer market to see how we can customize our offering while maintaining the core product and messaging.


Honey Flow Africa has a custom-built beehive that features patent-pending technology that offers an easier and more gentle way to harvest honey from bees without disturbing them; optimizes beekeeping operations by bringing the power of IoT, AI and Big Data to the African beekeeping process to improve honey production, processing, and predictability.

Honeyflow is represented by Amaete Umanah, a multi-disciplinary, parallel entrepreneur who is passionate about gadgets, software and hardware development, agriculture, livestock and technology. He has been responsible for systems integration at water treatment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, utilities, and manufacturing plants around the world. He received BSEE from the DeVry University at Pomona, California.


“Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius.”

Joining Growth Train, we want to get an outsider’s perspective on some of our most pressing challenges in the apiculture industry. Attending this program will give us a chance to step back, sort through, think creatively, reflect, re-invent and experience work from a whole new perspective. We want to develop a network that we can connect with as we scale our business.


GreenJoy hails from Vietnam and our grass straws are biodegradable straws made from lepironia, a plant that is native to the Mekong Delta. These grass straws are the best alternative to plastic straws. We have a mission to accelerate the phasing out of single-use plastic by making the most sustainable and affordable straws made from grass for F&B sectors and individuals.

Vo Nguyen is the founder, CEO, and majority shareholder of GreenJoy and she will represent the company in the Fast Track program. She is also responsible for GreenJoy’ s operations and leadership, with a 10 year experience in operations, supply chain, and project management. Vo Nguyen has an MBA in Kedge Business School, France.


“We want to replace 5 billion straws by 2025 and aim to turn grass into money.”

Working to better the environment is no longer a choice: it is crucial in everything that we do, both in private and in our businesses. We want to take part in Growth Train to reach other markets and show them a better, more sustainable alternatives in the food service industry. We want to reach partners, customers and investors so that we may deliver our product faster worldwide and put a stop to single-use plastics in our food industry.


Adam Montandon

Adam Montandon

Public Speaking Coach

Anders Fritz-Carlsen

Anders Fritz-Carlsen

Finance & Investor Strategist

Søren Bjerregaard

Søren Bjerregaard

Go-to-Market Strategist


Anders Due

Anders Due

Kristian Lund

Kristian Lund

Christian Høegh

Christian Høegh

Steffen Lund

Steffen Lund

Claus Madelung

Claus Madelung