7-week Fast Track Program

Join the Growth Train Fast Track Program!

Through innovation “We are starting to see a better way to feed a growing planet, combat hunger and malnutrition, put healthy food on the table, save our environment. And none of this is impossible!”

Barack Obama, 9th of May 2017 – Seeds & Chips, Milan

The 7-week boot camp is one of three Growth Train accelerator programs that focuses on helping start-ups and early growth companies to scale their business model and innovate.

It is a unique mashup of design thinking, lean start-up and technology focus and network-thinking approach. The model is a seven-week journey with four sprints between key milestones. Companies will have the opportunity to stay within the campus for seven weeks so they can focus on the sprints, workshops and other events.

The accelerator model is designed by Accelerate Business, an action research centre led by Dr. Eythor Ivar Jónsson, together with Business Lolland-Falster, to create an innovative ecosystem for growth in Lolland and Falster.



So why join?

Acceleration process based on lean, network and design thinking

Free co-working space with meeting facilities, kitchen, and fast internet

Local and international experts

Perks and growth hacking tools

Network within the food & agriculture

Networking and dialogue with business angels and venture capitalists

Companies, movers and shakers

Free housing during the 7-week bootcamp

What is the catch? We want you to help us to create value, even disrupt, within the food and agriculture sectors. And of course we want you to establish and develop your business in the region so we can continue to work with you in growing your business.