Go 2 Market

Our Go-2-Market Accelerator program aims to help startups and other sprouting businesses build successful go-to-market strategies.

It’s a 6-month program that helps companies mitigate the risks commonly faced by startups at the launch stage. These risks can be associated with product, technology, market, and finances. Focus areas in the program are: Brand Building, Value Proposition, Market Position and of course the Market Entry Strategy. 

If you are new or already established business developing new innovative products for the market, for the business growth or looking for customer before the launch of the product and want to hit the market window or increase demand for your product and service – this is the launch pad program for you.

The program will provide various solutions in categories such as mentoring, branding, working capital, advertising, digital marketing, on-ground-activation, public relations as well as funding, sales, marketing automation, HR, corporate finance, legal and co-working.

Our applied experience, methods and market analysis capabilities will support you to find the right people, price & place to go to market with your unique product.

The program will start accepting applications in the first half of 2020. Please stay tuned for more information or contact us.